Aquisition, Merges And Incorporation

      Since the advent of the French concept of entrepreneurship dating back to the 17th century, the world and business have evolved exponentially. Several factors and times set important milestones, the industrial revolution, for example, marked the change in the way goods were produced in the mid-nineteenth century. Initiated in England, it was a breakthrough in the way we produce using steam engines and transforming the entire work system at the time.

       At the corporate level, the technological developments of the last two decades associated with the accelerated development of intelligent algorithms and artificial intelligence, applied to business management and administration tools, make corporations increasingly dynamic and less in decision making, to trade flexibility and the breaking of barriers and borders, whether conceptual, cultural or merely commercial.

      In this scenario arise acquisitions, mergers and incorporations that bring with it the demand for specific science and engineering for consistent and assertive assessments.

      Advanced Apprasal Group, partner division of JKL Holdings, is responsible for the entire company and group valuation process for JKL Holdings mergers and acquisitions, and is considered the largest association of valuation engineering companies in the world with 53 offices distributed. in 29 countries and operational headquarters in Europe.

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