JKL Holdings is a dynamic and modern company that applies the most up-to-date and functional concepts to the acquisition and expansion of large airline companies, without neglecting the best in each one of them, meaning from the experience of decades of learning, operating in an extremely competitive market with no room for error, JKL Holdings makes major investments in research and technology to achieve process improvement, culminating in the satisfaction of its partners and customers.

Together with the companies that operate in the Americas, Europe and the African continent, we are today one of the main players of the World air network.

Passenger Transport

Through its subsidiaries, JKL Holdings S.A provides domestic and international passenger transportation on the domestic markets of Colombia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Peru, as well as through international routes serving North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa Continent and the Caribbean. JKL operates a fleet of over 200 aircraft, serving more than 100 destinations in more than 30 countries, across nearly 200 routes and over 6,500 weekly departures. JKL has in its Airline casting Star Alliance member companies, one of the largest airline alliances in the world, providing our customers with access to the routes, destinations and services of Star Alliance's extensive network.

Cargo and Post

Among the group companies, JKL has a Cargo Business unit that provides air cargo carrier solutions in North, Central and South America, Europe, African Continet and the Caribbean. Serving more than a hundred destinations through its Airbus A330, A300F and Boeing 767F fleet, as well as within the bellies of the passenger fleet aircraft. To date, the cargo division is the number one airline operating at El Dorado Airport (Bogota, Colombia), based on cargo and freight volumes transported, and one of the most significant air cargo carriers at Miami International Airport. (Miami, United States). The Company also provides ground operations to third party airlines at certain airport hubs.

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